[PEP's careful planning helps to prevent and mitigate emergencies.]PEP provides a variety of valuable services for emergency planning, concentrating on four core areas: specialized emergency training (Mayday for Incident Commanders), preplanning and building diagrams, consultation services and consolidation studies. Our services benefit fire departments, EMS agencies, law enforcement, businesses and educational institutions as well as anyone who may have questions about emergency services or who need to interface with emergency services.

 Training Classes:

     New for 2017

          1.  Size-up: What Firefighters and Officers Need to Know  

                2.  Elevator Incidents: Do You Respond to Elevator Calls, or Can Elevators Impact

                      Your Operations?


      Mayday Training for Command Level Officers

     Guns and Ammunition Involved in Fires

     Solar Panels and the Fire Service

     Mass Caualty Incidents

PEP Offers Three Valuable Preplan Services

The last time you visited our site you said, "We can do this ourselves." It was a good idea but did you? Was time the issue? PEP has the time and the expertise. Give us a call!

1. Do it yourself! PEP sells the full line of CADZone fire software. Software that is time tested, effective and complete in all areas.

2. Not enough time? No people to do preplans? PEP can write preplans according to your needs. These plans can be prepared as YOU need them - paper, electronically or both!

3. Have preplans that need work? PEP can review them for relevancy and accuracy.

PEP's building diagrams are used for investigative purposes, incident review, incident reconstruction and training.

Consultation and Review Services including, but not limited to; businesses, attorneys, emergency responders, elected officials, government agencies and the insurance industry.

Areas where PEP has serviced different agencies;

1. Providing incident timelines in multiple colors and formats for ease of presentation and clarity of understanding.

2. Interpreting complicated radio communications.

3. Preparation of Power Point presentation of incident activities.

4. Develop glossaries of emergency services technical terminology.

5. Identify the strenths and weaknesses of litigants.

Review SOPs/SOGs, Policies, Best Practices

This has become a major focal point of PEP's work. Agencies need this work to be done. However it is time consuming, always seems to be "coming" but it never gets done. PEP presents:

1. An effective method to determine which plans need to be reviewed. PEP will take the existing plans that are working for an agency and review it for current needs and applications,

2. A choice of forms for the document to be written in.

3. Cohesiveness with NFPA 1500, FEMA guidelines and other pertinent standards.

4. Free re-writes for 6 months following delivery of the document.

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