About PEP

[PEP offers creative solutions for emergency planning needs.]It is almost impossible for emergency service providers to keep up with all the needed requirements to operate as desired.  Regulatory changes, limited human and financial resources, decreased staff, additional training requirements, multiple responsibilities, emerging technologies, and time constraints are just a few of the challenges facing today's emergency services. PEP's highly experienced staff expertly fills this need.

Businesses, academia and others have specialties not related to the emergency services.  PEP's highly experienced staff can assist clients  who need to augment their specialties.


To put in the hands of emergency service providers and emergency service users; useful, up-to-date, lifesaving information that enables more efficient use of resources while promoting the safey of responders and the general public.  

Mission Statement

  • To maximize efficiency on the fire ground so that fire commanders and fire-fighters can operate in the safest manner possible.
  • To deliver a service of the highest accuracy and quality possible. 
  • To treat every client as our most important. 
  • To ensure that business and school emergency planning needs are fully met based on practicality and efficiency, and in regulatory compliant means.

Values Statement

Using the most up-to-date technology and information, we will:

  • Provide the most accurate information possible for public safety providers and public safety users.
  • Ensure the highest possible level of customer satisfaction.
  • Always remember that lives may depend on the results of our labors.
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